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Szablon:Strzeja (2009)


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Strzeja Jerzy, (2009), Lodowe meteoryty, kosmiczne galarety i kamienie jak pył? (Ice meteorites, cosmic jelly and rocks as a dust?), Acta Soc. Metheor. Polon., 1, 2009, s. 129-136 (abstrakt). Plik PDF; plik ASMP.

Abstract: This article is appeared a problem of meteorites classification and tried to connect interpretation and explanation of other phenomenon which are situated on the border between science and fiction. The conventional classification of meteorites indexed them as: (1) stony meteorites, (2) stony-iron meteorites and (3) iron meteorites. The matter of the Solar System could have various forms and its very varied in relation according to their physical, chemical and mineralogical aspects. In compliance with the above, the author tried to extend the classification by added e.g. ice meteorites, which are recognized in Russian literature. Sometimes others, not classified phenomenon are described as “colorful rains”, “jelly matter”, gas-dust objects or sudden, local darkness. As an evidences that could confirm the main theses of the author, an examples of literature are quoted. All of them should be supported by science investigations which are limited by rare frequency of the phenomena occurrence. By better description of small and different portions of cosmic matter, we could understand the Solar System and its laws.

Keywords: cosmic jelly, dust, ice meteorites, meteorites, the Solar System